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Refused @Acheron, Brooklyn 2012Sick of it All @CBGBs, NYC 1996Regents @Acheron, Brooklyn 2011Threadbare @St. Vitus, Brooklyn 2012Steve Brodsky @StVitus, Brooklyn 2012Waxwing @Velvet Elvis, Seattle 1999Quicksand @ Old Fire House, Redmond 1995Retox @ Acheron, Brooklyn 2012Undertow @RCKNDY, Seattle 12-27-1997Undertow @RCKNDY, Seattle 12/27/1997Unbroken @Velvet Elvis, Seattle, WA Aug. 9th, 1995Undertow @RCKNDY, Seattle 12-27-1997Youth of Today -This is Hardcore 2016 - Union Transfer, Philly PARefused @ Terminal 5, NYC 04/23/2012Refused @Acheron, Brooklyn 04/23/2012 -2